1. What is Chefsaround?

  Chefsaround is an online marketplace for all things home cooked & baked. Our mission is to provide you with a wide selection of high quality home cooked food from our Chefs that are healthier, fresher and more cost effective compared to having your meals at restaurants.

2. Who are these Chefs?

Anyone can be a chef at Chefsaround! If you are an aspiring chef, a home maker or if you simply love cooking, and would love to share your delicious food with people who do not have the time to cook, you are most welcome to join us!

3. Is the food halal?

We've a range of stores which sell halal-friendly food, as clearly indicated on every chef’s profile page. Halal-friendly food is made using halal ingredients by a Muslim cook.

4. Do you do deliveries?

Yes! All individual chefs have an option for delivery. However, there are also other options such as self pick-up and dine-in. If you are interested with the other 2 options, kindly read the chefs profile carefully before placing an order.

5. How can I join Chefsaround as a Chef?

​Sign up on the Become a Chef page and we'll get in touch with you. It's very simple! 

If you've any further questions, feel free to contact us here or email us at [email protected]